As more internet traffic is processed at the Edge, it’s crucial to have the tools and platforms to drive as much traffic as possible to nearby data centers. Taubyte’s Smart Computing Platform is a marketplace where businesses can leverage a pool of nearby servers to run their applications closer to the user or source of data.

Dallas, TX - Jan 2022 - With today's race to deploy IoT and network infrastructure for a myriad of protocols (e.g., LoraWAN, WiFi6, 5G, etc.), it is no surprise that Edge Computing will grow to a $4 trillion market by the end of this decade. Taubyte’s Smart Computing Platform launch in early 2022 will facilitate innovation and creativity through a serverless experience; ultimately, driving new revenue streams to data centers through computing, messaging, and storage. As an infrastructure provider, this is the right time to partner with Taubyte and leverage this opportunity.

Idle and decommissioned servers have an opportunity cost. Keeping these resources dormant may seem profitable in terms of reducing operational costs; however, with the Edge Computing market gaining momentum, and 5G serving to catalyze this trend, the server capacities can be monetized through new revenue streams. This will require a marketing effort to drive more businesses to consume these resources, as well as developing human resources to address the growth.

Taubyte is like an ‘uber service’ for operating software at the Edge; the Taubyte Smart Computing Platform provides the abstractions (the drivers) and the allocation of on-demand computing resources (the cars), and ultimately drives infrastructure usage to its partners’ data centers.

Taubyte will drive this usage in a practical way through DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technologies) like blockchain, for example. This will enable secure data and value exchange for businesses, and also serve as a salesforce for the data centers.

“I’ve worked on countless server deployments, both in private and public cloud settings, and I am experienced in the challenges of operating these resources on many applications. One of the biggest issues with using cloud-native approaches at the Edge, where the infrastructure is heterogeneous, is scalability. This is why I started Taubyte. Smart Computing addresses this challenge, and makes large-scale deployments at the Edge cost-effective.” - Samy Fodil, Founder and CEO of Taubyte

To be a Taubyte infrastructure partner, minimal resources need to be committed for routing traffic with resiliency. A minimal setup requires 3 hosts per site. Bare Metal servers are preferred to Virtual Machines (VMs). Beside announcing Taubyte’s anycast IP block, networking and system requirements are minimal. For more details contact:


What locations do you need bare metal and/or dedicated server capacity?
We’d like to have servers in major metropolitan areas (e.g., New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc.) as well as rural settings (e.g., Iowa, Kansas, etc.); the initial goal is to have a Taubyte network across the continental US.

Can you work with VMs?
Yes, however, bare metal is preferred for compute-heavy nodes.

How many partners are you looking to onboard for this pilot program?
To accomplish our coverage goal, we’re looking for about 15 partners that we will carry over to production in Q3 2022.

When is the deadline to commit to this program?
December 15, 2021

When does the pilot start?
January 2022

Who will be the end consumer of the bare metal capacity?
Taubyte’s Smart Computing Platform will provide the tools for building and scaling “Edge-native” applications by the software development community.

What kind of services will be offered via the infrastructure?
We’ll offer the following services for monetization:

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Database
  • Messaging

As well as opening a marketplace where the developers can leverage Smart Computing, and drive more business to the data centers.

How does my company benefit from Taubyte?
Taubyte can augment your salesforce to drive more business to your data centers through its revenue streams and developer marketplace.